Chapters Include

Below are just a sample of the chapters you’ll find in the book. Each chapter includes in-depth information on many of the most relevant aspects of a musicians career and advice from dozens of key players in the industry worldwide.

  • Doing Your Homework

    What is your artistic concept and, perhaps most importantly, who are you? What is your story and how do you tell it – and what if you struggle with that?

  • The Industry & The People In It

    What do the job titles of the key players in your industry mean and why is it important to know that? Key players talk about their professions and what they actually do every day to support the industry.

  • Emailing & Online Communication

    What does a good, successful email look like, how often should they be sent and to whom? We talk about emailing and why some emails will get answered, while some never will.

  • Your Website

    What does a good website look like through the eyes of a promoter and why do you really, really need one? We’ll look at how to make your website your ultimate business card.

  • Content & Social Media

    We don’t talk about how to get more fans, likes or followers. We’re talking about what a good social media presence looks like to a promoter, and how you can be relevant without having to stress about it.

  • Crowdfunding Your Project

    Crowdfunding and begging for money are not the same thing! This chapter explains why it’s actually a very powerful promotional tool that helps you interact with audiences old and new.

  • Releasing Your Music

    Do you release an album online, offline, or both? We talk about how to strategize your next release, how to promote it, and why Spotify is a necessary evil.

  • Getting Signed (or not)

    Do you really need a label? What about the rights and royalties? We take a look at all the relevant points so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not to self release.

About How To Build Relationships In The Music Industry

Good music is not enough to make it in the music industry. So what makes the difference? As they say, it’s not who you are, it’s who you know, and the ability to craft meaningful, long-term relationships will take you and your music a long way. Portraying advice from dozens of key players in the industry worldwide, from American heavy-hitters with superstars on their resumes to local experts in Korea, South Africa, the UK, and Europe, this book can help you determine how to build your team, your career, and your path toward becoming the next big thing.

How do you interact with peers and industry stakeholders on social media? What does a good website look like? If my first email goes unanswered, what do I do to get a response, without looking desperate? How do I write a bio that makes people want to come see my show? This book answers those questions, and many others, offering comprehensive tools, do’s, don’ts, and examples to help you put yourself in the spotlights – and be liked while doing it.

Many books offer advice on marketing and financial gains in the music business, and many of them can be useful to musicians trying to build a career. But visibility, likability, etiquette – those are things often talked about behind closed doors, or perhaps at panels every once in a while. Now, all those complaints, thoughts, and opinions can actually help you and those behind the scenes collaborate, because you’ll understand each other better! Read this book and book that gig. See you on the road!

Preorder How To Build Relationships In The Music Industry – A Guide here, and shoot me a message if you’d like me to sign or dedicate it – nothing would make me happier.

Coming Soon

In the coming months I’ll be publishing a series of Whitepapers and launching a video course. Also keep an eye out for my Podcast Series, “The Musicians Toolbox”, produced in conjunction with the Tivoli/Vredenburg, the Netherlands largest music venue.

Whitepapers / ebooks

Looking for some more information on specific topics? I got you! Together with a couple of my favorite industry experts, I’ve compiled whitepapers on several topics to help you conquer whichever bottleneck you face in your career. You’re not stuck, I promise – we’re excited to help you figure it all out.


Check out The Musicians’ Toolbox, a podcast I produced with TivoliVredenburg, the Netherlands’ largest music venue. Through nearly a dozen episodes, my guests and I walk you through some of the industry’s do’s, don’ts, and anecdotes, while also exploring some music by those who got it right.. Or not. Always respectful, and almost always serious, we invite you to come into the shed with us to discuss everything the modern musician needs to know about industry visibility, etiquette, and networking.

Video course

Curious and serious about building your career in music? My (NUMBER) hour video course is here to help. Exploring all topics addressed in the book, this course includes even more anecdotes, quotes, and insights into how to build relationships in the music industry.

About Arlette Hovinga

Arlette Hovinga (That Jazz Girl) is a publicist and marketing/media director from The Netherlands. Focusing on release- and tour promo, she works all over Europe to represent everything jazz, experimental, world, or indie. When not on the road with colleagues, clients, and friends such as Jason Miles (Marcus Miller, Miles Davis) and she can be found organizing press tours for festivals such as So What’s Next?(NL), Szczecin Jazz Festival (PL), and Sicilia Jazz Festival (IT). In the past, she’s been known to work with The Four Tops, Earth Beat Agency, Matt Bianco, and many others. Her hobby, besides having the best job in the world, involves books, reading, collecting vintage cookbooks, and learning languages.

Armed with more than ten years of experience in the industry, fueled with enthusiasm and energy (alright, and coffee), and always ready for a laugh, Arlette wants to build long-term commitments, help musicians amplify their talent, and work toward positive, durable growth for each of her projects. She lives in The Hague, The Netherlands, with her cat, Vladimir, and a not-very-modestly sized bookshelf.

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Buy How To Build Relationships In The Music Industry – A Guide here, and shoot me a message if you’d like me to sign or dedicate it – nothing would make me happier.

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